Saturday, September 12, 2009


this weekend i couldn't get enough sun and fresh air... i also couldn't stop admiring the blue blue sky and the tiny new leaves on the trees.

saturday morning when i woke up i went to my favorite park to sit in the grass and read...i've been having trouble concentrating lately, so reading didn't quite work out, so i just closed my eyes and lay in the sun. i had on a long sleeve shirt and thin summer pants; so wasn't very hot out but in the sun it was just right.

after the park i changed into gym clothes and jogged to my 2nd favorite park. once i reached the park i heard violins. it was 3 guys, two large speakers, their strings and some really beautiful music. so, i joined the scattered crowd on the grass, closed my eyes and just listened to these guys...

(photo above: taken from aqualactica's facebook page.)

this impromptu concert is one of the things i love about this city. i truly enjoyed the music.

later in the day i met a friend at "natural deli"; it's my new heavenly eatery. there wasn't a boring thing on the menu. i had a brie and fruit sandwich on a pita with grains and raisins! yum.

sunday morning i went back to my 2nd favorite park and rented roller blades for 10 pesos ($2.60) an hour. my first lap around the lagoon and i was a little wobbly and my muscles already hurt, but by the second lap i was in a groove just swaying back and forth on the "rollers" <---that's what they're called here). it felt really good after not working out all winter long (the last 3 months).

after rollerblading i met a friend for lunch near the park. after some lunch we dodged all the people in the park (the park population doubled in size in the late afternoon.) then we found a spot in the grass and sat there talking, taking in the sun.

it was a nice sun filled weekend.


Nancy said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! I LOVE brie and that sandwich sounds awesome.

David said...

We love those musicians. One of our favorite things to do is to go on the paddle boats with our four year old daughter and listen to the music.