Monday, September 21, 2009

balcony protest

after work i met up with a friend, on our walk back to our apartments we heard a bunch of noise in our neighborhood. i slowed down looking closely for something, anything that could be making the all that noise. i got a bit scared thinking there was a protest in my neighborhood. i was trying to see where it was coming from so that i could avoid it...but then i noticed there wasn't a large group on the street protesting, rather the people in the balconies were protesting... or celebrating, or scaring away winter hoping it will never come back?

The noise was ricocheting between the buildings.

i now regret not getting my pots and pans out and joining my neighbors. next balcony protest i'll be out there!


Anonymous said...

We didn't hear any of that over here on our side of the Zoo, but we did see the flocks of kiddies packed on every sidewalk and filling to overflowing the 3 Feb park. So I'm wondering if what you heard isn't some part of the same welcoming spring ritual as letting all the kids out of school on the first day of spring and they all head for the park?

I think I saw every person between the ages of 12 and 18 in Buenos Aires. There was kind of a Mardi Gras atmosphere -- teenage boys prowling the sidewalks in herds and holding liter bottles of beer; little girls, way hotter than little girls ever ought to look, in coveys around the herds of boys. The markets in our neighborhood all had hand-written signs out front stating they would not sell any alcohol to anyone below the age of 18. I suppose all the 18s were buying it for their 13, 14, 15 year old chums, many of whom were talking around swigging from fat beer bottles.

One of H's colleagues said he always wishes for lousy weather on the first day of spring in hopes of controlling just a little the swarms of drunken teenagers descended on the sidewalks and parks like the proverbial locust plague.

yillabean said...

wow! i totally missed all that. i'm no longer cultured now that i'm working in an office. you'll have to keep me informed of argentine day life from now on.

Nancy said...

Wild! What were they protesting?

mari said...

hey yilla

it was a protest against the Kirchners. traditonal middle-class way of protesting in South America is to bash your pots and pans together!

yillabean said...

Thanks for the info mari!

Neil said...

Why don't they instead bang the Kirchners together?

-Seems more appropriate if you ask me.