Thursday, October 30, 2008


lately i've been feeling uninhibited and others around me are feeling it too.

When I tell acquaintances I'm moving to Argentina they light up, congratulate me with sincere enthusiasm and tell me positive things about myself; like "you have done so much for our organization, thank you for your energy and commitment". It's nice to hear these things, I just wish I could space all these positive compliments over a years time, nevertheless I'm appreciative of their well wishes and positive energy.

as for me being uninhibited. where do i begin? i'll start on the salsa floor. can't believe i'm sharing this...let me start by saying i tend to be conservative, i like my space and i don't like to get close and 'sexy' with salseros...ok i lie, i like to get close to one. any way, lately, i have no care, i feel no restraint and i must say it feels really good. i'm out there on the floor, feeling the music, being swung around and then held in tightly and spun around in a close embrase. i almost wish i would have been uninhibited my last 2 years of salsa. it's more fun this way.
i started seeing my dominican again. he holds my attention. i know the relationship will not develop instead its a mire escapade. this relationship feels unrestrained; we know where each other stands and there are no expectations. we both know it will end in the coming weeks... When I'm with him I feel like i can abandoned my shell and i'm just me. i'm not trying to put on a good impression and i don't mind the possibility of making a fool of myself. There is nothing to lose, i will never see him again. i almost wish i could feel this way in every relationship.  
at work i find myself telling people my true, undisguised thoughts. i'm not saying anything offensive or disrespectful, but since i know i'm leaving, i say what's on my mind and i don't worry about stepping on toes. i feel free of social restrictions that i cast on myself.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Preparations (24 more days)

This past weekend I went home to clean up my old bedroom in anticipation of moving back home for a week. Not much was accomplished, however I did get to see my family. I'm hoping fairy cleaners (mom and dad) will clean up before I arrive back to the nest? Wishful thinking?

The car...I received the title to my car in the mail today. I have the car posted on craigslist and a sign up at work. I really should put a sign on the car too. I guess I'm dragging my feet. (I really like the car)

Contract a little more complicated than I thought. I thought it would just be a matter of me negotiating an hourly rate and submitting my hours. Nope. My company only does this for contractors who have steady work, rather than a per project basis; they don't want to be negotiating over 600 single contracts, rather they go though a sort of temp agency (middleman). (*gromble*) I'm assuming this means less money in my pocket and money being caught up in between. I was in contact with a man today who is sending me contact info and information, but the email I received is all corporate speak. I'll have to decode it tomorrow when my brain isn't as tired. I'll be sure to take my corporate decoder ring to work.

emotions...I'm still very excited to start my journey. I must admit that I am now a little freaked out about the short amount of time I have here. It's this week and than two more weeks until I move back home. My last week in the states will be my week living at home. I don't want to make any plans for that week, I just want to spend the time with my family. So, I have this week which is half over and two more weeks. That is crazy!!! I'm trying to absorb and appreciate everything around me.

Salsa binge...I went salsa dancing 3 times last week and tonight will make it 3 times for this week. I can't get enough, it's my passion, my addiction. It's not all about the dancing itself, it's so much more. I didn't realize until recently that I built a social salsa circle for myself. I get greeted by the bouncer as soon as I walk in the door, no more ID is needed, instead I get a kiss on the cheek and a friendly smile. It only takes the time for me to put on my shoes until I get asked to dance by one of my favorite salseros. The music feels warm, tropical, happy and passionate. The embrace feels close, often smells good (like man), and the look is deep. With that said I need to go get ready for salsa tonight.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What to do with the car... solved

I started off my morning by calling VW.  I was lucky this time to get a representative who was knowledgeable.  

To purchase the car, I needed to send a cashiers check; I wasn't able to wire them money like I normally do for my monthly payments. Also, if I included a $15 check they would overnight me the title.  So, I called my bank and had them overnight the payoff amount to VW.  The cashiers check and my $15 check should be at VW tomorrow by noon.  Then I'll need to wait 3-4 days for them to process the title (I guess find it, and sign it over to me).  So by next week I will be the title holder of my car.

Once I receive the title, VW suggested that I go to the DMV and have a new title made up.  The title that VW is sending me will just be signed over to me rather than having my name on the title.  I called a notary public and they said that I didn't need to go to the DMV, the title VW is sending and the letter that will accompany the title is all I need to sell the car.

Car problem solved.  Now I just need to find a buyer.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Host Family

The school where I'll study Spanish for two weeks emailed me about my host family today!  I'm so happy and excited.

"Mirta and Alejandro (+60 years old) are living in Palermo. They are very active and outgoing persons, they like to dance Tango and practice Sports as swimming. They are both retired, Alejandro was a merchant and Mirta used to teach as a professor at a secondary school. Both appreciate the possibility to chat with the students and like to give them advice on Buenos Aires."


For the past 5 days I've had a slight headache and shoulder pain.  It's from not working-out enough and being stressed.  I'm stressed in a good way; I like the process of getting things in order, but I do feel tense because I want to do so much in so little time.

My remedy? To go on a salsa binge.  I salsaed 3 times times this week and I don't plan on stopping.  Last night I had to drag myself out of the apartment to go, but I'm glad I did.  I got some good salsa, but no bachata.  I get crankey when the dj doesn't play a lick of bachata. So, even though I'm glad I went, I didn't feel fulfilled. 

That's ok, I have 3 more weeks to get my bachata fill.

Todays to do list...(31 days)

What to do with the VW continued...
I think I'm going to purchase my car from VW finance so that when it comes time to sell it privately, it will be just one trip to the notary.
My family said I can have their car once I sell mine. This helps relieve some stress as to when I can/should sell my car.
I placed my car on craigslist last night. It's priced a little high; If no one bites I'll lower it in 5 days. I also plan on putting signs up at my office (2000 people are in my building)
Student loans
Today I called AES who holds my student loans. I paid this months bill and applied for a deferment for the next 6 months. I plan to continue to pay the loans once I start contract work. I asked AES if I would be penalized for deferring the loans and she said no. I was most worried about losing my incredibly low interest rate that I have on the loan.
Charles Schwab
Still working with them to open an account. Something seems to be wrong with my social security number and the one they have for me.  
Expat Tax Attorney
I believe I need to acquire an international accountant or an expatriot tax attorney. If I'll be residing abroad, but making U.S. dollars, which taxes will I pay? Federal, state, local? Where will I claim to be living? How will I file taxes and to whom?
Power of Attorney
It was suggested to me (twice) that I get a power of attorney that can speak on my behalf should I not be able to get in contact with the U.S. (banking accounts, student loans ect...)  
Ah ha! Free Consultation with a Lawyer
My colleauge just reminded me that our employer has an Employee work/life assistance program. The program grants me 3 free half hour sessions with a lawyer. I contacted them and made an appointment to speak with a lawyer about the above two issues. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

what's going through my head

One more post before bedtime
Making this move feels right.  I don't have doubt, I know I'm doing what is right for me. However, I do have some fear; naturally.  My biggest fear is getting mugged.  (I just smirked, not sure why)  

I'm a safety queen.  I never park in dark places, never park in parking garages alone and I always have a friend walk me to my car when I'm in the city at night.  I'm sure I'll be fine, but it's something I read is common in B.A (I guess it's common in every big city, no?).

Canceling & Notifying

Scratching things off the to-do list...

Called to Cancel:  
-- Electric and gas - Nov.15
-- Phone and DSL - Nov.17
Notified I'll be in B.A & changed my address to my family's home:
-- Bank (checking, savings & visa)
-- Master card  
Still working with Charles Schwab to open a checking account (no fees for accessing money abroad). There was an error in processing the account.
Signed up for a membership to the South American Explorers club. (multiple discounts are offered; like the Spanish school I'll be attending.  Also, they have a place to lock up my bags if I can't find an apartment right away)

What to do with the VW?

What to do with the car? I had a conversation with my VW dealership today. I inquired how I would go about selling the car privately when VW finance is holding a loan and it's title.  
It sounds very complicated; I would get the money from the buyer, send it to VW, VW would send me the title a week later and then I would sign the title over to the buyer. umph. There has to be a better way...
The man I spoke with at VW sounded interested in buying the car so that VW can resell it as a 'pre-loved' vehicle. He'll be calling back with an estimate. I'm planning on not being impressed with their low offer. (he called back and I am not impressed with his offer)
I do have money in my savings to buy the car. I'm considering paying off my car and a week later I'll have the title to it. That way, when I go to sell it privately, it will be a shorter process (couple hours or so at the notary instead of waiting for a week for the title to be mailed to me)
I'll live with my family for my last week in the states. I also plan on working Mon-Thurs that last week from an office that's closer to my family's home. I'd like to keep my car until the end, but maybe that's cutting it too close in the case that a private buyer backs out or something falls through. 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

the goal 05.05.08

While going through some binders, I came across a journal that I sometimes write in.  I flipped through the pages and noticed what I wrote on May 05, 2008.  

"it is my goal that by the end of October I will move somewhere outside of the U.S"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Finding a gnome a home

This evening Moira and I went on a walk with a gnome mission. No, not to steal a gnome, but to find a gnome a home.

I have a really cute garden gnome that I needed to find a home for. So we went out to scope out gardens where he may like to live.

We only had to walk down two streets before we found his new home. We strategically placed him between a plastic lawn lamb and a plastic pumpkin. I have a good feeling he will be loved by his new owner.

Packing and Purging

And the Packing and Purging begins.
This is harder than I thought. Not because I'm getting sentimental, but because I don't want to throw anything away. I don't want to add to our landfills (the hippy side of me speaking). I want to sell it, give it or recycle it. I think I'm spending too much time looking for homes for my belongings, but I think, in the long run, I will feel better.

Sentimentally speaking, so far so good.

I'll donate two suits and two nice pairs of heels to a women's shelter in the area. I'm also looking into where I can donate my beautiful black floor length bridesmaid dress I wore for Danielle's wedding. There is an organization near the city that gives the dresses to young girls who don't have money to purchase prom gowns.

I started off my my day by taking a jog in an amazing park. It's only 15 min drive from my apartment. The park looks like it's from a storybook. The morning air was brisk and colorful leaves were falling. I'm not very good at jogging, but today I did pretty well. I think it was the scenery that helped. see more photos

After the jog I headed to the Apple store where I bought Naaman a week ago. Just this week, Apple released a newer version, so I was able to get the price difference returned to my credit card. Yeah for extra money I wasn't accounting for!

Once I got home I tackled my back porch first. I took down all my hanging baskets and pulled the dead herbs out. I dumped the soil in the back yard and set all my plastic pots out on the curb with a free sign. I also had a rubbermaid container that I was using to compost. I dumped the rich leftover compost in the back yard and then set the container out on the curb too. Four hours later and it's all gone! Everything found a new home. Mission "Clean up back porch" accomplished!

Tomorrow someone will come over to buy my patio set.

After the back porch, I started taking things off my bookshelves. I did throw some paper away but I managed to put many things in a piles for friends or to donate. I packed a total of 5 boxes today. I'm on a roll.

grrrr, I'm still having a hard time giving up my college notebooks. Why!!! I haven't looked at them in 4 years and I don't think I ever will. I don't want to keep them, but it would hurt too much to throw them away.  

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Standing tall

A favorite author of mine was turned down 15 times until his first book was published. 15 times!!! I’m glad he didn’t let failure get in his way; he persisted. Hearing a story like kept me going. I knew that if I wanted something enough I needed to keep getting up after being knocked down.

Being knocked down…
After college, grad school and my first job, I started to make some attempts to move abroad. Not many people know this but, I was accepted to graduate school in Sweden in 2007. I was elated to find out the news. I was one of twenty that were chosen out of 450 applicants. I turned down the offer. There were a couple reasons for this; one was that I was scared to accrue more student debt. Six months later I got an interview at Maersk. The position was in Denmark. I was truly on a high the day I went on the interview. I thought my dream was finally coming through. Instead I got the ‘thanks but no thanks' email. I felt crushed again. It took me a little longer to get up after this defeat. My next attempt came 5 months later. I applied for a position within my company. The job description fit perfectly and it was in the only international department in the company. My fingers toes legs and arms were all crossed. I wanted this job so badly. A month passed and I unraveled once again. I was told that I was in the top two for the job. The hiring manager gave me great compliments but I didn’t hear them. All I heard was that I didn’t get the position and that I failed again.

Failure is a good thing
At some point during this period of failure I heard a man’s story on NPR. He started off by wishing his granddaughter failure. Yeah, I was shocked too! But he then went on to say that when he’s successful at his job it’s because he’s treading on familiar ground, but when he fails it’s because he did something he never did before and with that he learns from it.

For a while I wasn't sure if I would make this move. I was afraid I wouldn't get up after the next failure. I'm truly happy that my persistence has paid off. I'm standing tall and I'm ready for the next failure because I know with it, it will bring success.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My coming out

My manager called me this afternoon. He ask that I to go into NetMeeting (screen sharing program). Then he asked me to proof read the message he would email. It was an email he would send to the department about my leaving. He really has a way with words. I was touched. The email he prepared was so kindly written. I told him what I thought and he said, “I know I should work for Hallmark”. We both laughed.

Once the email was sent, my day was a whirlwind. Emails started to flood in (50 people are in my department). All of them were well wishes and some acknowledged they’ve always wanted to do something like this. I was surprised at this. All along I felt like I was justifying to everyone why I wanted to leave a great job, a 401(k), a new car, and the American dream. People really want to do this? Another manager in the department congratulated me and then went on to tell me how badly she wanted to join the Peace Core after college, but her father wouldn’t let her. Others congratulated me on following my dream. I must admit I liked the attention and felt a wave of positive energy. I finally felt like people understood me, I didn’t have to explain why; they just got it…that’s what felt so good. It made me think, why don’t more people follow their dreams? It seemed like my colleagues were most happy for me for doing just that. I think I’m a chicken…maybe I’m not? I’m so thankful for their support and all their positive energy.

Other than my direct co-workers, I shared the news with co-workers who hold the same job title as me (different dept.). All of us went through the same graduate program; but at separate times. They were all just as supportive. We’re doing a happy hour come November.

After work I met with a friend who I worked with at my last employer. Her and I remained in touch over the years. It was great to catch up. I hope I’ll get to see her again before leaving. She’ll soon graduate from my grad program too! (Go Bloom!)

After some drinks tonight…
I tidied up my apartment and then took some photos of’s so charming… I want to remember it just like this. I enjoyed my time here. I like my apartment and mostly the small town in which it lies, but I can feel it’s time to move on.

Everything around me, I feel like I’m letting myself absorb it and trying to savor it. Last weekend I was in my college town and I couldn’t get enough of it. It was more beautiful than I remember. I wasn’t sad leaving it though. I know I’ll be back! I love Bloom!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

30 days notice

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it."
Amelia Earhart
Contracting with with my current employer
When I spoke with my manager yesterday he said he didn't know how it would work, but he said he'll have a conversation with his manager on Thursday. So I should find out then; if its a possibility. (fingers are crossed)

Spring back Fall ahead?
Right now Argentina is just one hour ahead of New York time. Mid month Argentina will change their clocks for day light savings. The thing is, since it's spring there they still "spring ahead and fall back" with their time. So after we (in the U.S) "fall back" and they "spring ahead" there will be a 3 hour time difference. So, 9am in Argentina and 6am in NYC.

30 days notice
Today I wrote my 30 days notice letter to my landlord. A good (and smart) friend suggested that I have the letter sent by certified mail. My landlord is a bit shady; so I took the recommendation and had the letter certified for $4.10. Once I sent the letter I phoned her. She didn't seem too pleased, but when she asked where I was moving the mention of Argentina seemed to have lightened the news. She laughed just like my boss...maybe it's the laugh of unanticipation (if that's a word). She didn't mention anything about me moving mid-month, but my lease says 30 days, so 30 days are 30 days right? I'm already anticipating what kind of shady business she'll try to pull on me, that's just how she is.

Today I met with a good friend for lunch. We haven't seen each other in some time. It was so good to catch up, we talked non-stop for 2 hours. I worked with her at my previous job; she now does contracting full-time. I got to ask some questions and also ask her to keep her ears open for any contracting work I can pick up come January.

Today I had my last dental appointment. Last time I went in, was for my 6 month check up and cleaning. He noticed then, that there was a chip in one of my teeth. He advised I get it filled because if it would chip more, bacteria could get into the tooth and cause decay. The procedure today to fix the chip was so minor, I didn't even get numb (and I'm a wuss). It only took 10 min and I was out.

Tomorrow will be 30 days until I move out. I need to get packing! But before I do that I'll go salsa dancing tonight!

Monday, October 13, 2008


(written around 9:00am this morning)
Sitting at my desk, my heart is heavy in my chest. This morning driving to work my heart felt the same. I drove faster than normal, some how I thought this would help. Now I have to sit here for another hour and a half and try to ignore the rock inside my chest.

Today I'm resigning from work.
I called my manager first thing this morning, but he'll be in a meeting until 10:30, so I'll have to wait. This is hard for me to tell my manager. He has been so supportive and flexible, I feel like I'm letting him down. I must have been a catholic in my previous life; I always feel guilty.

(written around 10:45am)
I can breath. That was so difficult. I had a whole speech planned: tell him and then soften it by say it's not for another 5 weeks and I'd like to still take on projects on a contract basis.

So I went into a conference room and called him. When he answered I said hello and asked him how he was. He said "not good, I had a bad weekend". I said "I'm sorry, I have something to tell you that's not going to make things any better". So I told him that I was resigning, but not because of him or colleagues or the work, but that I'm resigning because I'm moving to Argentina.....he laughed. It was a laugh of kindness, a genuine laugh that had no hidden meanings. I tried to continue with my planned speech, but he asked me to wait. I could tell he was smiling. He asked me to tell him again, he needed to process it. Once he thought it over, he said that was the best reason he ever heard for resigning. He congratulated me and wished me well. I'm so lucky to have had a supportive charismatic manager. I realize not too many people can say that. My last day will be on November 20th.

Friday, October 10, 2008

43 days

First thing this morning I called VW credit. I generally pay more each month on my car payment so I wanted to asked until when was I paid up until. November 28th. Yee-haw! So I logged into my bank account and I canceled my automatic car payments! I also inquired how I would go about selling my car privately. I don't own it (VW credit owns it). I didn't get an answer though, the woman I spoke with had no clue.. I'll need to call back later to get an answer from another rep. I owe money on the car, but know that I'm able to get more if I sell it privately. (it's on my to-do list to call back) Persistence has always paid off for me.

Banking Accounts:
I set up my Charles Schwab account this afternoon. Charles Schwab doesn't pass on extra atm fees to their account holders. Normally, banks pass on atm fees, transfer fees and foreign conversion fees. Sometimes these fees can be as much as $8 and as little as $3 every time you hit up the atm. Charles Schwab eats those fees. So, I transferred some funds into this new account and now I'm just waiting for the card to arrive in the mail.

More Contract work??
So, I just found out today that my employer has certified contractors. For instance, if someone is laid off, they may ask them to go on a contract basis. Therefore, my company just pays for the work done, but no benefits or extras. hummmmmmmm. My boss and I get along very well. I may just have a chance of contracting for my employer once I leave! Also, if I could be certified as a contractor from my current company (filling out paperwork from what I understand) than I can let my other colleagues, that are in other departments, know that I'm available for overflow projects. My fingers are crossed! This would be perfect for me!!!

So far I have 5 of my belongings posted on craigslist for sale. Only one sold so far. No sweat. I still have 43 days.

At what point? At what point do I start packing and purging? At what point do I start giving my stuff to friends? At what point do I put my car for sale (I want to drive it until Nov. 18th or 20th). Is this too soon? 3 weeks out? 2 weeks out?

The plan so far (U.S.):
This coming Monday the 13th I'll give my manager 5 weeks notice. Friday the 24th I'll work from my managers office and then head home to my family's house for the weekend. I can put some things in my car to take home. My plan is to clean up my old bedroom; do some organizing. Also, I'll see what kind of luggage we have in the attic. Two large rolling suitcases? I'm hoping! I'll also carry a backpack with both my laptops (old man Jisseppii and my new Naaman)

The plan so far (B.A.)
I've been in contact with I've arranged for an airport pickup for Sunday November 23rd. I've also requested a host family for 2 weeks and took a spanish placement test. Federico said he'll be in contact with me shortly about an Argentine host family. ~ not sure at what point I should start sending resumes to english language schools in B.A. or when I should start inquiring about rooms for rent?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

at school the day after christmas :-(

I'm feeling like a kid who had to go to school the day after christmas. Last night christmas came early for me...I bought my Apple Macbook!

Right now I want be at home playing with my new toy that will soon serve as a work computer. I'm able to be patient though, I'll have plenty of time to play during my loOoooOOoong layovers to BA. (44 days BTW)

Nick went with me to pick up my pretty new well designed piece of machinery. He didn't just go with me, but he was also my apple consultant, a financier, a body guard and then a personal Apple trainer!

We spent some time talking to an Apple guru. He was helpful in explaining some of the tools. Once he was done showing us around, Nick asked about a Military discount. Out of no where a guy jumps in and starts talking to us.... and talking....and talking. He had nothing to say that related to a discount, rather he wanted to tell Nick his own Military stories. All three of us (me, Nick and Apple guy) stood there listening to the man but after some time we realized he had nothing to say that was related to the previous conversation. Nick was a champ, he continued to nod his head to the loopie man while I asked the Apple guy more questions. Nice defense Nick!

At first I was thinking about getting a refurbished Mac with Nick's Military discount on top, but we weren't able to stack discounts. Turns out, Nicks student ID carried more of a discount, so that's the route we went (hence the financier part). Once we left the store I didn't want to carry the computer out. It was in a sleek box that had APPLE MACBOOK written on it. They should have just written "Jump me I have a computer" on the box, so I made Nick carry it. I thought that it would be less likely he would get jumped than me.

Afterward we went out to dinner (thanks again Nick), then went back to his place for some personal Apple training. I am soooo glad he showed me around. I felt like a new computer user, but once I was shown, I thought it was a more streamline approach to doing things.

Last night felt like my own personal Christmas and Nick was my own personal Santa.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My day leading up to my future...

I worked from home today. I wanted to run in the morning and then in the afternoon casually surf some airfare sites between projects and emails but, instead "there was a fire I had to put out". (Corporate speak for quickly solve a problem).

Although I didn't get to look at more airfare sites, I did look around yesterday. The one site that I kept going back to came as a recommendation from an ESL classmate of mine; he also gave me a contact's phone number as well. The site is cheaper than most but most importantly it came as a recommendation from someone who circled the world 3 times. So, yesterday (Monday) I started a conversation with Kyle at Kyle sent me an itinerary last night and attached was a reasonable price.

One-way? Round-trip?
I'm making this move with the intention of staying. Nothing is permanent, but I don't want to leave here with a date in mind that I'll be coming home. Besides, it's difficult to find a full one year round trip. The most you can purchase is 10 months. I have money in savings and I won't be spending it, so I'll be ok to buy a ticket home later. One way it is.

When do I want to leave, when will I give notice at work, when will I give notice to my landlord?
Monday next week, October 13th, I give 5 weeks notice to my manager. He is a wonderful manager so I want to give him more notice than the common 2 weeks. I'd like my last day of work to be on Thursday November 20th. I plan on moving out of my apartment the Saturday before, on November 15th. I'll live at home for 5 days and work in the office closest to home for the remaining week.

So, back to today. Around 4:30 I was able to stop working, "the fire was put out". I then went on a 40 min run/walk for some fresh air. I returned home with a mission...not to buy the ticket but to start taking pictures of some of my stuff and putting it up on craigslist. I knew I wanted to buy the ticket but kept telling myself, take photos first, put them up on craigslist first, do the dishes first. Not sure why I was putting it off. Nerves maybe?

I got three positive signs, almost in a row. 1. A couple days back I sent a message about language schools to an expat already in BA. She wrote back and at the end of her message she wrote "Get excited for your travels!". I needed to hear that; for reassurance. 2. I was also emailing Federico from the Spanish school I'll attend once I arrive. He responded to my questions and added "go ahead and book your flight". 3. Since Kyle didn't hear back from me since last night he emailed to see if the itinerary was ok.

At 6:05pm tonight I called Kyle. The first itinerary that he put together had a couple of long layovers. I asked him if it was possible to adjust it. Luckily he was able to cut it down. He was friendly to work with and it was feeling right. So, I did it!

After opening a bottle of Argentine wine, that I bought after my run, I quietly celebrated. A little later I called home. My uncle answered. I told him what I did. He sounded surprised but said "well, if anyone can do this, you can".

OMG I did it!

At 6:05pm today I changed my life forever.... I purchased my ticket to Buenos Aires!

I'll begin my adventure on Saturday November 22nd at 11:55am.
"the best way to predict the future is to create it." ~ Abraham Lincoln
$709 - One way ticket to Buenos Aires from Philadelphia

Monday, October 6, 2008

Master to-do list

ohffah. There has been a lot going on in my head today.

I'd like to buy the ticket to Buenos Aires this week; maybe tomorrow.

In my head: Should I buy a one-way or buy a round trip? What date should I leave? When should my last day of work be? When will my last day at my apartment be?

Here's my to-do list
Get health check up Get Hep A & Hep B shots
Order meds to stock up
Make Eye Dr. appt
Order Contacts
Make Dentist appt
Order Birth Certificate

Get fingerprints
Order Criminal Bkgd Check
Get Crim.Bkgd notarized
Call Argentine Consulate to verify no visa is needed
Purchase camera

Decide when I'm leaving.
Make appts. for job interviews in BsAs

Switch Car Insurance policy
Cancel Car Insurance
Cancel Renters Insurance
Cancel Electric & Gas
Cancel DSL

Cancel Cell Phone
Notify Student Loan holder
Notify Credit Cars / Banks
Open Charles Shwab Acct.
Give landlord notice
Give employer notice
Purchase plane ticket

Cancel EzPass
Schedule Spanish classes in BsAs

Get an estimate for the car
Send back license plate
Sell my beloved VW (this is the possession I will miss most.)

My list doesn't include selling & packing my stuff. I also haven't made a list yet for what I should work on to get the freelance ball rolling. Excited, but overwhelmed. I just don't want to forget anything.