Sunday, December 27, 2009

vine vi que conquistar

vine vi que conquistar / i came i saw i conquered


(photo above: my street; a canopy of sycamore trees)(photo above: in my opinion, the best street in b.a. )
(photo above: my home for the past year)(photo above: my super tiny elevator)
(photo above: my view from my dining room)(photo above: my view from my balcony. i'll miss the family who lives across the way. i call them 'the happy family'. they're always playing with their kids and laughing.)
(photo above: my kitchen; where i learned how to cook)(photo above: my bus stop, where i stood many many times)
(photo above: my favorite bus. The 110.)
(photo above: my subte stop. jeeze, how many times did i walk down these steps...)
(photo above: my veggie place)
(photo above: my 'chino' (mini grocery store owned by chinese people). after one year, they still gave me a strange look when i said "no bag please' )
(photo above: my lavenderia)
(photo above: my ICE CREAM place!!!)
(photo above: my favorite park)(photo above: my favorite statue. she looks like she's thinking "jeeze, where did i leave my clothes last night")
(photo above: my bench, my last time on my bench with A)(photo above: my view from my cafe. how many times did i look out this window and people watch. to many to count.)(photo above: my favorite last breakfast in b.a.)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

case of the missing bra

ok, now i am stressing, but just about the packing.
as i'm putting all my clothes in to one of three bags i noticed that i couldn't find a sports bra and my favorite jeans. i kept thinking "damn-it where are they!" as i drink more coffee.

then i had coffee this afternoon with my landlord and his wife. they could see i was stressing about having to pack. i told them i was missing some clothes. he suggested i lost my sports bra 'somewhere'. i told him i don't live THAT exciting of a life, beside it's a sports bra.

when my roommate came home i asked her. she said she didn't see it then suggested that it might be at the lavenderia. i asked her to call over and describe it for me, since i didn't want to walk over and i'm too hyper from the coffee and stress to be describing a sports bra in spanish.....sure enough it was there!!!

when i went to pick it up, i asked about my jeans too. i described them and the name brand (which they don't sell here). she looked and came back with my jeans and TWO other items of my clothes!!!!! What the H ?

she told me another worker took them out of the dryer and hung them up because they were still damp, then forgot who they belonged to!!

ok...i have them back...breath...

photo: centro

is it real?

it doesn't feel like it's real, it doesn't feel like i'll be leaving in less than 48 hours. i would think i would be super sad, super sentimental... don't get me wrong, i'm not ready to hightail it out of here either. i had the same sorts of feelings when i left the states and everything turned out well. i have a good feeling about the next 3 months.

Friday, December 25, 2009

photos: jardin botanico

(photo above: across the street from the botanical gardens, on av.general las heras)

This is my favorite park in Buenos Aires; The Botanical Gardens

photo: quickfood

some honest marketing...