Tuesday, November 24, 2009

photos: Boedo

one of my favorite things to do in buenos aires is to explore new neighborhoods. today a friend and i went to the neighborhood of Boedo.
(photo above: hey! today is the 24th of November!)
(photo above: lunch at Pan y Arte on Av.Boedo)
(photo above: a cafe along Av.Boedo)
(photo above: walking up to the "Museo Monte de Piedad" or the Bank Museum on Av.Boedo. We got a free private guided tour. The museum was really nice and interesting. The tour was all in Spanish but I was able to understand the tour guide. Her Spanish was clear. )(photo above: Esquina del Tango Sur on Av.Boedo)
(photo above: the Boedo library)
(photo above: indoor soccer arena)
(photo above: a step back in time)
(photo above: the argentine love of the bum. i could never imagine this sign in the states, eh?)
(photo above: wall of fruits and veggies)
(photo above: i can't say it enough....i love love love the graffiti art of buenos aires)
(photo above: something else that just wouldn't fly in the u.s.)
More info on the neighborhood of Boedo: http://www.boedomas10.com.ar/
The 160 bus goes there from Palermo.


tangocherie said...

Great photos of barrio mio!
Thanks for visiting!

yillabean said...

thanks for the comment.

i really enjoyed your hood. it's beautiful!

krebiz said...

I loved these photos!

That last one that "wouldn't fly"... it seems like such a classical figure drawing. I only have like 200 of them in my house! Crazy puritans.

Looks like you're having fun with your time off :)