Saturday, August 15, 2009

gum like m&ms

last week i gave a group of my students, who work together on the same floor, a gift from the u.s.. i really like that group of students. i have great conversations with them and great rapport with them as well. so, i brought back some "jelly belly jelly beans" for them. since i gave them to them last week, this week i got to ask what they thought.

all of them said "they're weird". one described them like gum but with the hard shell of an m&m. they told me their favorite flavors and said they really tasted like what the box said they were. but again, they reiterated that they were weird. one student said "i would eat one and think it was gross, but then i'd quickly try another. they're addicting".


krebiz said...

lol, that pretty much sums up jelly beans! especially some of the more "exotic" jelly belly flavors.

yillabean said...

they really cracked me up with their explanations.

i wish i could have gotten one of those big boxes of jelly beans, the one where it tells you which jelly beans to mix to get a new flavor.