Monday, August 10, 2009

where are you?

Sunday, August 09th, 2009
how did i survive through northeast winters in the u.s.? i really don't know. it's honestly not bad here. there are flowers blooming. today i didn't even wear a winter coat, but somehow i feel like i'm in a winter faze of seasonal depression. maybe it's not so much the air temperature but not seeing a blue sky and having the sun on my face. today was suppose to be 60 degrees. if it was, it didn't feel like it. it was still chilly, overcast and the sun was hardly present. spring, where are you?

it's not that i feel depressed, far from that (luckily), but i want to feel warm, i want to take walks without feeling cold i want to sit in a park and enjoy my time instead of shivering.

(honestly it's not that cold. maybe in the high 50's. this week will be in the 60's. my brain knows it's not that cold but my body is unhappy with the interconflict)


krebiz said...

maybe it's the diminished light. maybe you're a textbook case of seasonal defective disorder.

You'll have to move to Costa Rica and live on the beach now to soak up as much sun as possible.

yillabean said...

i totally think i have seasonal defective disorder. there was a research study being conducted at UPenn, so i called to sign up a couple years ago. they didn't accept me into their program because i wasn't binging on carbs or something like that? i guess i didn't meet their criteria. "sorry maam, you're not depressed enough" (kidding about that last part. i just made that up)

krebiz said...

oh god, i meant seasonal AFFECTIVE disorder... I have a cold, so my brain is clouded.

LOL, I don't think you're defective (although it seems Penn might)

yillabean said...

OMG, i wrote it that way too! oops!