Thursday, September 17, 2009

5 things that scare me

1. looking at a map and seeing just how south i really am

2. walking away from the atm

3. taxi drivers once they hear my spanish

4. ordering from a menu in b.a. and not knowing how it's going to look and taste

5. living in argentina forever (love it, but i can't imagine forever...sorry tina)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you limited this list to things about Argentina. I could make a really long list of things that scare me about the USA. But here's my Argentina list:

1, being forced to eat only Argentine food the rest of the time we're here;

2, breaking an ankle or leg maneuvering around these broken down and hole-ridden sidewalks;

3, acting on the impulse to shoot the constantly yapping little dog below us;

4, getting sick, and;

5, dying.

Tina said...

Ditto on the map thing!

tangocherie said...

It's even scarier if you look at where we are from the satellite on Google Earth!

yillabean said...

now that i'm not in the u.s. i seem to have forgotten all the things that scare me. donigan, your #1 is not true. you have the american food hook-up over there.

the map thing. when i first moved, friends back home were surprised there wasn't a lot of mexican food in b.a. (assuming argentina is closer to mexico)...

then from my point of view i looked into a flight to columbia, but when i saw the price of the ticket i was shocked... living in b.a, we're farther away from columbia than new york city is (give or take 400 miles difference).

krebiz said...

South America is huuuuuuuuuuge. All those distorted maps of our childhood that showed the US as this gigantic central place and the whole South American continent as something akin to a state, small and dangling below, are not good for people prone to going expat.

krebiz said...

why would there be Mexican food in Argentina? What kinda friends were you hangin' with?

Then again, when I came home from Spain, everyone was surprised to hear the food wasn't spicy. (??)

yillabean said...

i completely agree!