Tuesday, September 8, 2009

chicken skin

"chicken skin is what goosebumps are in spanish."
what ever you call them, my body was covered in them today. spring is has retreated; winter is back. i thought i would walk to work today but once i got outside i saw just how depressing it was (raining and very very cold (40's)) i took a bus half way to work (there isn't a direct bus) at least i don't have to do the subte smoosh anymore.

tonight, next to my bed was a fan from the heat wave two weeks ago. i had to swap it back out for my electric heater.

however, every day the trees are greener. it gives me hope.

i'm looking forward to 7 months without chicken skin.


krebiz said...

of course you have an electric heater by the bed. is argentina another of those countries with climate pride, that doesn't have central heating in any of the apartment buildings? i remember being told that portugal, lisbon, specifically, didn't have central heating anywhere because people were proud of their climate and did not want to admit that some days were cold enough to need heating.

AND, I just got off the phone with another sales guy who labors under the delusion that I have time for his phone call, for a visit, that I am interested in anything he has to say, and that it doesn't PAIN me to be diplomatic as he spirals deeper and deeper into his pitch.

Are these guys so fresh off the turnip truck that they BELIEVE this shite they natter about? If so, how is it they have not been disabused yet?

And if they're not fresh off the turnip truck, and they don't believe any of this shite, how do they sleep at night, knowing what an annoying bunch of wanks they are to everyone else on the planet? (That is a *rhetorical* question, of course).


Well, that was my rant. How's the job?

yillabean said...

hi, yup there is central heating in my building. i'm told that it's nice and warm on the lower floors, but on my floor the toasty heat never reaches it. i'm also told it's always been like this and i'm always chilly, so luckily i have the heater (which i put on this morning before getting out of bed). i hope the nice weather comes back soon!

the sales guy. could you have treated him like a telemarketer? "thanks for calling but no thank you" and then quickly hang up? ummm.

today was a good day at work, it's challenging for sure.

Anonymous said...

You can't complain, Yilly, because it is your fault that winter returned, although the sun has been nice these last two days. The wine thing at La Rural was disappointing, so just as well you had other plans -- plans that start with M?

No phone marketers here. I just say, no hablo espanol and hang up.

In the States, I always asked them if they would give me a blow job if I listened to the entire spiel. End of spiel every time. Except once. But it was a he and I hung up first.

yillabean said...

thanks for the laugh donigan! good strategy for the pesky telemarketers.

for the telemarketers here i try my spanish on them, i really try to understand what they want. they're good to practice on, but they tend to hang up on me first.

last night i went to museum...not a museum, but a club called museum. i'll try to write a post on that experience although it's similar to other club experiences i've had.

krebiz said...

they hang up on your first?? damn. maybe i should fire off some castellano on them.

the blowjob thing...well, it's at WORK that i'm getting these calls. i can't just say any old thing. gotta maintain a certain modicum of professionalism, much as it pains me not to tell them what's on my mind.