Monday, September 28, 2009

photos: villa devoto

Photos from a barrio in the west of buenos aires city (capital) called Villa Devoto.

(photo below: pipe cleaner looking flower)
(photo below: "Caution Dangerous Crossing"...hmmm, one of these should be at every intersection in the city)
(photo below: car registration sticker)
(photo below: painting in the park)
(photo below: kiddy park traffic. it seemed like every kid was driving some sort of mini vehicle)
(photo below: cruising in the park)
(photo below: i witnessed so many kiddy car accidents. most of the time the kids were looking to the left as the car was moving to the right. in the photo below the little girl was still moving as she was looking back waving.)
(photo below: this is my favorite photo from the day. she reminds me of a granny on a jazzy scooter)(photo below: ice cream time)
(photo below: my new flavor...passion fruit!!!! it was hidden by the mango ice cream on the top)
(photo below: on the train home we passed many poor dwellings along the tracks.)
(photo below: it appeared the cartoneros (trashpickers) were unloading and sorting recycles here )
(photo below: there is no problem hanging out the door while the train is still rapidly moving )


krebiz said...

That hanging-out-the-door image makes me feel a bit queasy.

Those kids are a riot!

yillabean said...

hahaha, i feel like i could easily be a safety enforcer in b.a. "excuse me sir but that is dangerous, please stay inside the train while it's in motion" and the list could go on...

the kiddies were cute. i never seen so many of those cars and the accidents were hysterical (no one was hurt, they just looked shocked)

David said...

Thanks for posting the pics. We love Monte Olivia - our favorite ice cream in BsAs.