Friday, November 27, 2009

the feast

i'm not talking about the big thanksgiving feast i had yesterday, but rather the nightly feast the mosquitoes have on me.

yesterday i woke up with a swollen eye. they got me twice on the eyebrow and once under the same eye on my cheek; it's still swollen today.

i sleep with a fan on me, thinking they can't fly well in the wind, however they can still land well.

now that it's getting hotter, it's harder to sleep covered up by my blanket, but if i don't... i'm doomed. just when my face and back stick out i wake up with bites. i know could lather up in OFF mosquito repellent before bed, but i try not to use a lot of nasty chemicals on my skin. i also tried burning citronella incense last night.

tomorrow i'm going to go shopping for a mosquito net and look into natural citronella oil or lotion.


Delfi said...

NOOO!! you're leaving!!! what am i gona do without your blog.
are you going to keep it??? please do! you can update from ecuador and colombia..?? buu it makes me sad somehow :(

i am living in b.a now.. its been 2 months since i arrived. and school isnt fun. im just hoping for it to be past december, and ill be free from so much studying. other than that, its ok i guess

ive always wondered where in the us you come from... ?

yillabean said...

ahhh, thanks Delfi for the kind post!!

eh, i've been slacking on the blog lately.

i've been debating what to do once i leave. i'm thinking of starting a new blog about greening myself (trying to live an eco friendly lifestyle). i think i'll keep this blog as my journey to b.a. and i'll update it once i return to the u.s. i'm anticipating re-entry culture shock.

btw, i'm from philadelphia.

Nancy said...

We use Burt's Bees when we camp but not sure if you'll find it there.

Delfi said...

ok, if you start a new blog let me know!! it'll be fun to follow you during your following stops before going back home

i wish you the best, and i admire you for living and being so eco friendly ;)

krebiz said...

mosquito net?

yillabean said...

mosquito net:
i'm on it! i want to buy one for when i go to ecuador. however...i haven't been successful yet in locating one. i went to three camping stores and they DON'T have any!!!

a kind man in the natural food store told me to go to a 'casa de tela' (a material store) and he gave me the word for mosquito netting too. i think i'll go tomorrow.

Tom said...

Don't spray the Off on you, Spray it on the bed and your pillow. It's alot better that way and works pretty good.