Monday, November 30, 2009

hello telo

ok, so i'm just going to admit it...i'm curious about the telos (no tell motels)

most have a parking garage to hide your um 'park' your car. this one calls the parking garage "private beach".
telos are widely popular and accepted. argentines tend to live at home a lot longer than in the states and in my opinion tend to cheat a lot more than in the u.s. (but that is my opinion)

the other day when i passed a telo with friend i expressed how much i wanted to see the inside. he said why not, so we went in to check out prices.

to me it looked like something out of a movie. something between tacky and sexy. i think in the 80's it would have been more sexy.

if you're just as curious as me, here is a site with photos of all the telos and photos of the rooms that are sometimes themed
(tip: room = habitaciones).


krebiz said...

I'll have to check that link when I get home... don't need that cached in the server logs at work!

i don't blame you and your fascination. When C's brother took our friend to the Riviera in Barcelona, a well known brothel, I wanted to know EVERYTHING. Plus, I might've maybe walked into a brothel in my hometown here, just to see what it was like. They shooed me out b/c I wasn't buying anything :( In a perfect world I would've had a drink with the women, and chatted.

yillabean said...

you can check the link at work, if your IT people don't know spanish it just looks like a hotel website, there aren't any lady photos.

There is a brothel in your hometown? Wow, I do live under a rock.

The Telo isn't a brothel, it's rather a place for couples to show their affection for each other. However, I was told at some Telos there is a 'lady of the evening' menu. Talk about room service!

krebiz said...

There is more than one brothel in my hometown. There's more than a few, for that matter. All you could want from the massage with the happy ending to full servicing of fetishes.

Anonymous said...

What is a happy ending?