Saturday, November 28, 2009

i drive a pomegranate car

this morning i was laying in the park studying. two interesting things happened.

in the botanical gardens there is a part of the park where a sketchy "spanish teacher" hangs out. he looks normal and nice enough. today was the 3rd time in a year that he approached me. (obviously not remembering me even though i always seem to hang out in his part of the park).

on each occasion he sits down on a bench... watches... then starts talking on his phone "to a student" and then walks over to me...talks more...then asks to borrow my pen that i'm using...talks more...writes down the "students" phone number...hangs up, then asks if i speak spanish, where i'm from, introduces himself as a spanish teacher, bla bla bla... then tells me his teaching methodology... bla bla bla.

after i shooed him away, i resumed studying fruit names and tree names. i came across the translation for pomegranate (the fruit ). the translation is granada... why does that sound so familiar to me???

(photo above: Ford Granada)( granada / pomegranate photo from:
(Ford Granada photo from:


krebiz said...

Love the car btw. My sister had one :) Every time I borrowed it, I developed a great appreciation for power steering and power brakes...which this Granada did not have.

krebiz said...

Creepy people like that bug me. There's one woman in the train station that keeps asking to borrow my cell phone and I'd love to tell her that if she's going to be so incredibly shifty, she needs to develop a better memory.

yillabean said...

hahaha, i thought the same about this guy too! maybe to him, all yankees look alike!