Wednesday, November 4, 2009

photos: anti u.s. graffiti

the last work of graffiti is my favorite. [get out yankees ]

the creator of this work wasn't thinking about their target audience. if they intended to offend the "yanki" audience (people from the u.s.) than they should have communicated in a language most americans know. i think english would have been more effective on this one.


Michele Harvey said...

Good point! So, how pervasive is that graffiti sentiment, in your opinion? Thanks

Michele Harvey said...


It seems that the salary for teaching English is very low in BA.
Would you mind sharing how much you pay for rent and what that includes?


Michele Harvey said...

Is it true that you need a work visa to teach English in BA? I taught in Chile for a while and some institutes require the work visa but others don't care. Some will help you get it but others won't. Please share your experience about this important point. Thanks