Sunday, November 15, 2009

photos: palermo viejo market

saturday farmers market around "plaza armenia" / "plaza palermo viejo" on armenia and costa rica streets.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yilly, we were today at the Campo dei Fiori flower and food market area in Rome, and your pictures are better. You can see our pictures next week.

yillabean said...

aw thanks. maybe because it's summer time here and the beginning of winter in rome? nevertheless i'm sure it's beautiful...enjoy!

come home soon, sofie cat misses you.

krebiz said...

Catsitting, I take it?

You're making me pine for summer and the Headhouse Square market. Already :)

yillabean said...

yup, donigan left me in charge of the cat and rooftop swimming pool. both are doing well, hehehe