Monday, November 16, 2009

was that what i thought it was

tonight i was having dinner with a friend in the palermo nuevo neighborhood. it's a very nice upper class barrio. after our dinner, around 10pm, we were walking towards santa fe (a major avenue) to head back to our apartment.

on our walk back we were deep in conversation. i noticed a woman with high high boots and a short short skirt. she stood-out right away because she looked like a prostitute in the nice neighborhood. as we got closer i wondered why she had her back turned and was standing so close to a building alcove. when we were only 6-7 feet from her, we realized she was peeing....standing up....then she shook it.

my friend and i both continued to walk, then a half block later grabbed each others arm with a face of shock..."no way!" "was that a.......?" "oh my god!" "hahahahaha"

as we rounded the corner on santa fe we passed a subway staircase. a man with a red tee-shirt ran up the stairs with a small black bag and hopped into an armored truck with guard standing next to the door. then another red tee-shirt man and then a third. all three ran up the subway stairs with a black bag and hopped into the armored truck. as the truck pulled away they put up a sign in their window "hola linda" (hi pretty).


Nicholas N said...

It probably got lost looking for Club Amerka..

Anonymous said...

I suppose you didn't know that the tiny hotel familiar just two doors down from our front door is said to be a transvestite hotel, so maybe you just ran into one of the neighbors.

See you soon.

Arreverderci Roma!

yillabean said...

two very logical theories....

tranny hotel or Amerka.

good work boys!


Alan Patrick said...

Where exactly is Palermo Nuevo supposed to be? (Not so familiar with that Palermo sub-barrio name) If it is near the American Embassy, then that has historically been a "sketchy" area with transvestites/prostitutes hanging around. Although apparently most of them have moved on to another place in the city these days (not sure where, but a taxi driver was filling me in on this lovely history the other day...)

yillabean said...

hi alan,

yes, you got it, palermo nuevo is near the u.s. embassy.

it's SUCH a nice neighborhood, i had no idea there was a high concentration of trannies there.

on gody cruz on the other side of santa fe (towards palermo soho/viejo) there are several telos.

(telo is an hourly motel)

yillabean said...

through google i found a listing of all the telos in b.a.

sure enough, the mini skirt wearing man was in front of a telo.

Nancy said...

tee hee! too funny!

Alan Patrick said...

Telos are so obvious to spot, they usually have some kind of neon light eminating from within, and often furtive looking couples heading in or out of the door (probably checking to see if either of their "other halves" is walking by - sorry to be so cynical, but that happens a lot here).

You probably know this, but just in case other reads don't - the word TELO is from the local slang in Buenos Aires ("Lunfardo"), a lot of which is created by reversing the syllables of normal Spanish words. So, as they don't pronounce the "H" in Hotel here, the two syllables are "O" and "TEL", so the lunfardo word is TELO - just used to refer to love motels here.

I guess Palermo "Nuevo" might be a nice neighborhood, but I've never really warmed to it because I heard all about the trannies etc before I ever went to the area, and it kind of colored my view of the place. I also don't think the area is all that safe or nice to walk around at night - same goes for Godoy Cruz just the other side of Santa Fe.

Michele Harvey said...

Are telos only for tranny's because in Santiago I heard there are hourly motels in many parts of the city just for couples that have no where else to go.

krebiz said...

This is like the most exciting thread of commentary you've ever had, lol.

Oh...and the verification word for this comment? "ravish." Ha.

yillabean said...

hahaha, i like your comment jenna!

michele, no, telos are not just for trannies, they're for anyone.

alan, thanks for the info about where the word Telo comes from. i didn't know that. you weren't being cynical about the frequency of cheating here. either it's more frequent or argentine men love talking about cheating on their wives/girlfriends. (many of my students would brag or 'joke' about it)

now my confession...
(no no no, i never went to one)
but i spent quite a bit of time yesterday on the telo website. i was impressed at the room themes! one room was called 'taxi boy', everything in the room is yellow and black and cab themed. another room had a stripper pole and was club themed.

you know you're curious too...