Wednesday, August 26, 2009

bad liar

from what i am told argentines are good liars. (and i have been told this more than argentines)

i on the other hand am a bad liar; i need practice.

so today i'm with a student that i get strange "i wouldn't mind taking you home" vibes from. he asks what i'm doing after class. i anticipate he'll ask me to dinner so i say i have another class ( i didn't, just me trying to lie). we end class and he actually ends up asking me to dinner another night this week. i couldn't think of a lie fast enough so i said maybe. ( i don't want to put myself in a situation)

when i leave his office he says that he's leaving too. we ride the elevator down together. the doors open at the lobby. when i go to get off, he puts his hand on my arm suggesting that we will continue down another floor to the parking garage.

i accept the ride, forgetting that i previously lied. when he asks me where i'm going i say the name of my neighborhood. he asks 'i thought you had to teach another class in the centro?'

bad liar.


Anonymous said...

and a bad speller too.


yillabean said...

bueno, gracias.

lie, lay, lying, laying...i need practice on these too.

krebiz said...

Gee, what a nice note Donigan left.

Why don't you want to go to dinner with this guy? It's only dinner ;)

yillabean said...

which guy? the student or donigan?

the student is creepy and does not seem to hide his intentions...donigan is not creepy at all. i enjoy his company.

the student reminds me of the days where there was a sly plan of "company lunches to "get to know you""... where the words "get to know you" really translated into "get to know the design of your pants"

krebiz said...

I meant the student, but if he reminds you of Mr. Shifty, then head for the hills! Dinner with Donigan sounds like a better option.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, I thought I was the old married guy you are trying to avoid.

yillabean said...

no way jose, not trying to avoid you at all. i honestly enjoy our time together.

Anonymous said...

Happy Jose says that is good to hear.