Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the gossip

today one of my students dished me some gossip about other students of mine. she asked me who else i teach. when i told her who, she started pulling down her under eye in the 'ojo' (watch-out / careful) fashion. a couple of them that she told me to watch out for, i was surprised. i never got 'the vibe' from them, where others are more obvious with their "english lesson" intentions.

she told me about one of my students who cheated on his wife with his secretary. his wife caught him, made him fire his secretary and then she chose the next secretary who was ugly and fat. that secretary started to wear make-up and slim down so her husband when after her. the newly pretty secretary went to HR, complained and he had to pay her off. the wife left him and he ended up marrying his next secretary.

she also told me one of my other students (also married) is dating a girl on another floor and now she's pregnant and everyone suspects it's his.

another student (also married) always asks me to hold our classes in a bar, over a glass of wine. with anyone else i would say 'for sure!', but i pick up on his stray dog ways. she told me he used to have a girlfriend in the company but now she's 'gone'.

did i just not have my ear to the gossip circle in the u.s. or is it more prevalent here? or are we (people from the u.s.) better at keeping affairs a little more secret?


Nancy said...

Wow! Lots-o-drama in Tina!

yillabean said...

no doubt!

i can't decide if this is normal, if this is more of a drama filled office than normal or if people in the u.s. are better at the game of 'hush hush'?

krebiz said...

Lol, how exciting! Better than television!

I think the US is better at acting more proper, if not behaving that way. I can think of a number of couplings and illicit affairs at the company where we both worked. In fact, where I work now is the only place I've ever worked that doesn't have some background drama.