Thursday, August 20, 2009

life with no gas

this past friday i invited a friend over for dinner. i went out to pick up some items and when i returned i ran into one of my neighbors. she told me, in spanish "there's no gas". i thought "ugg, that's what all that jackhammering this morning was about."

no problem, i went to my friends house that night to cook dinner and take a shower.

the next day the owner of my apartment explained the situation. there was a gas leak detected, the gas company shut off the gas, an inspector will then come out on tuesday (since monday was a holiday) and he'll inspect each apartment in the building for a leak and to ensure each unit is upto code.

the owner is being wonderful about the situation, so i can't be mad. he's had workers over at my apartment every day installing what ever is needed to bring me up to code, i've been showering at his apartment and he's been very accommodating and he's discounted my rent so that i can eat dinner out each night since i don't have gas to cook.

i should have gas tomorrow or by next week. i should and do feel lucky. two others in my building that i know of have a gas leak. that means they won't have gas until they replace their pipes...which will be a month time frame. eek.

cooked at a friend's

38 pesos at for a sandwich and pot of tea ($10)

33 pesos for 3 tiny yucky chicken tacos and a diet coke ($8.64)

friends fed me at an asado

out to dinner with a friend. i didn't like my rice and chicken so i just picked at it (the chicken tasted funky), but he like it so he took it home for lunch for the next day and didn't let me pay for it. so so kind. so i left the tip, 7 pesos and 10 pesos for a taxi home.

friends had a work gathering at their apartment and invited me over to feed me...AND sent me home with food too!!! what a bonus! (the brownies they sent home with me didn't make it to the next day.)


krebiz said...

I gotta get me a landlord like that.

yillabean said...

for sure! i feel so lucky that he's nice and on the ball.

i just saw him 15 minutes ago. more problems. looks like i'll have to wait until monday or tuesday for gas. phooy.

Tina said...

My landlady (when I lived in BA) had offered me her place for showering and cooking as well while I was without gas. Problem, she lived in Belgrano while I was in La Paternal. A little far. AND I was 21 days without gas. So I went and stayed with my boyfriend at the time. :-D

Ha, by the way when the MetroGas inspector came to give the "ok" for the gas to be turned on, that very same day the doorbell stopped working so we didn't know he was there and me missed him! Ack!

How I didn't know about your blog before is beyond me, but I'm glad I found it!

yillabean said...

ohhhh, metrogas! 21 days!! wow!

it seems like the problem you and i both had is quite normal. my landlord told me the gas was turned off for 60 days in the building next to me because they tried to bribe the gas man. oops, i thought too that that is how you get things done around's not a bribe but an tip for a job done.

thank you for the comment and the compliment!