Wednesday, August 12, 2009

pay day: july

this pay day was one of the firsts that went very well. it's how i expected it to occur the last 7 months but was always disappointed. this month i didn't have to track down and practically sit on my boss until she paid me.

i received a text message from her saying that she had my july salary and she told me where she could be found. i told her what students i was teaching and at what time and i asked her to find me. like clock-work she text me in the afternoon, met me, and gave me my july salary...all without having to ask, even once.

is this the beginning of a new employer employee relationship or is she worried i'll leave?

i suspect it's the latter.

for the month of july she offered to pay me my regular salary (even though i didn't teach) with my promise that over time (the next 4 months) i will slowly make up this time. in other words she would front me the money. i told her i'd rather not take the july forwarded payment but instead i'll make up the hours and be paid for them after the work is completed.

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krebiz said...

Your cynicism cracks me up. Not that I think it's unwarranted. Obviously, you have good reason to find this woman suspect. I just think it's funny when you get cranky or suspicious or angry, considering your usual demeanor.