Saturday, August 15, 2009

photos: caballito

caballito is a neighborhood centrally located in the city of buenos aires.

(photo below: "perro" means dog)
(photo below: traditional buenos aires house number plates)
(photo below: little sale signs)
(photo below: young men throwing bricks up to the second floor)
(photo below: school bus stop)


krebiz said...

That cat looks rather like my new adoptee when I pulled out the vacuum cleaner. She's smart; I didn't even need to turn it on. She freaked out at the sight of it. (She's wonderful by the way).

Maybe you should become a graffit artist. You seem to have an eye for it.

yillabean said...

i want to have a look at betty. please send photos (i know you took a ton by now :-)

i don't think i have it in me to become a graffiti artist, but i do admire their work.