Sunday, August 2, 2009

photos: a sunday winter walk

this morning i went for my coffee and medialunas at my favorite cafe. i wasn't forgotten in the last two weeks that i went missing from b.a.. without asking, coffee and warm medialunas appeared on my table. this small gesture made me very happy.

after coffee, since it was sunny and 54 degrees today, i decided to go on a long walk...

(photo below: the sycamore trees with half of their dead leaves and the one random small tree that has kept it's leaves)
(photo below: new concrete sidewalk. i like the stick stuck in the concrete holding up the caution tape.)
(photo below: what typical new construction looks like)
(photo below: what is behind those large construction signs...)(photo below: dog with a fleece. yesterday i saw a dog with a sweater and scarf. )
(photo below: i like to remind myself that i live somewhere with palm trees! eeee!)
(photo below: ooooo, she looks cold!)


GEOFS said...

yup,she's cold. I wonder why nobody helps her out with a scarf or a hat :o)

Nancy said...

As usual, your photos are fantastic!

yillabean said...

geofs...i thought of a scarf too!

on the lawn of my college we had a naked lady statue, but in the winter she was always wearing something a student put on her.

thanks nancy for the complement!