Monday, August 24, 2009

smthng young to look at: update

so i arrived at the office to teach or be canoodled...the secretary greeted me saying "he's waiting for you".

i enter his office and the first thing i see is a naked lady statue. i'm not offended by naked lady statues, but in this context it made me feel uncomfortable. i thought the lady without clothes was foreshadowing something.

however and thankfully, the class wasn't creepy. he was a respectable man and didn't make any uncomfortable comments.


Anonymous said...

Yilly, get used to it. You're hot, and there's not much you can do about the effect that has on men. Unless you want to just get fat and shave your head and become a bitch on wheels.

Although I do agree with you that it's at the very least kind of dumb to hit on someone with the excuse of a language class. You're right, he should have just asked you out ...

But he's probably old and married, right?

Speaking of old and married, how about dinner or something?

Nancy said...

oh yeah! glad you had a creep-less lesson.

yillabean said...

thanks for the comment! not to sound cocky, but i'm getting use to these sort of situations. i don't mind so much getting these comments and experiencing these behaviors because i realize i'm in another country and i chose to live in this country. i liked writing this post because it showed me the contradiction of how things are in the states and how things work around here.

you know, the two aren't that different; i guess. the difference is an american man would have been smart enough / or slick enough to have said he wanted to talk to me because of my intelligence...but i guess you can argue that the argentine is just being upfront and honest.