Sunday, August 23, 2009

smthng young to look at

on friday my boss called me. in a very nice way she asked me to pick up a new student. i told her "it's my last week of teaching". she said she knew, but a high level executive is traveling to the states soon. he saw me in the hallway in the office and specifically requested me to teach him.

she even said this "he saw you in the hallway and requested you.", not that he heard i was a fantastic teacher...but rather "he saw me". if i were in the states i would be pissed that someone wanted me to teach them because of how i looked rather than my skill. but here, somehow it seems normal.

i told her the days i could, she asked me for more days, i said no (because i didn't want to spend 45 min to travel to his office just for 1 hour and then 45 min back and only make a couple pesos) she offered to pay for a taxi so that i could teach him....again, she said "he's specifically asking for you. he's an important person." so i agreed.

it makes me feel dirty..... some exec wants something young to look and he's being obvious about it. i should have asked if he has any special request on what i should wear.


Sixten said...

Ever heard the word "compliment"?

Look it up.

krebiz said...

Tell him that as an American, you do accept (and expect) tips. 20% is sufficient.

Anquises said...

A tango dress with a cut on the side never hurts he he.

yillabean said...

20% tip and a tango dress are good suggestions, i'll work that into the conversation :-)

compliment? if i were asked out on a date based on my looks i would consider it a compliment for sure...and i would be flattered too, but i am asked to teach based on my looks / age rather than my skill. i don't consider this a compliment.