Sunday, August 30, 2009

spring is here

i had an amazing weekend in flip flops and a sundress; spring is here.

i woke up saturday morning after a little too much wine on friday night. i crawled out of bed and threw my hair in a pony tail, put on my favorite summer dress and headed out the door...realizing i should have taken my sunglasses too.

i met a friend for coffee and medialunas and then i met up with another friend for lunch where i arrived early at our determined meeting place so that i could sit in the sun. it felt amazing...really amazing. once we met up we found a restaurant that had outside seating.

later in the night...much later (1 o'clockish) i went salsa dancing (my love). i only had one salsa song before it turned to reggaeton; so i began to pout.

a 'loverboy' type of guy must have found my pouting attractive. he came up to me to dance. in spanish i told him "i don't dance reggaeton, i prefer salsa". he had loverboy qualities because he kept saying loverboyish nice things to me and touching my arm and waist like we were dating (at least he wasn't aggressive and grabbing at me so he didn't bother me). then he suggested we go upstairs. i automatically thought "where, to the make-out room?", but when he mentioned salsa, my two friends and i went upstairs to check it out. we entered a small room where there was salsa and salsa eyes widened and i smiled so big. this is what i wanted, what i needed.

just 2 songs and i was beat; i haven't danced in so long. it also didn't help that my feet are swollen from mosquito bites. they look like two stuffed sausages and it felt like i was dancing on rocks.

sunday afternoon (or my morning from staying out until 5am) came. i put my swim suit on with shorts and a tank top, went to my cafe to pick up some medialunas and went to the park to lie out, in the sun, on the grass.

after the park i ran into a friend we were chatting on the sidewalk for so long that we decided just to go to a cafe and have a smoothy together....outside in the warm evening air.

after catching up, i went grocery shopping for my week of food. no cucumbers or red instant mash potatoes, no limes (i went to a fancy big store in a fancy neighborhood too. why is grocery shopping so difficult?) umph.

i quickly forgot about not finding what i wanted. while carrying my heavy bags back to my apartment i didn't even mind, the air was so warm, my body is finally not covered in chills. i think i may be falling in love with buenos aires again.


Delfi said...

glad to hear you're falling in love with b.a again!!

i am moving back to b.a on tuesday. i can't believe it. it feels good, yet a bit uneasy.. all the things i got used to from living in a 1st world country and now moving back... insecurity, plain food (yes, unfortunately our food is quite boring.. haha), and gas oven/stoves.

ill see how it goes.. ill comment you soon with an update, maybe it isnt as bad as i'm thinking.

but no high expectations from my side at least.

enjoy the heat ;)

Anonymous said...

The sudden departure of that brief summer is your fault, for wanting it so much.

I also drank too much Friday night, and that is also your fault.

Are you going to make me eat too much Wednesday?

krebiz said...

i love my gas oven/stove, but then again, it's never died on me.

you have sun and salsa - what more could you need?

why are you buying instant mashed potatoes (or trying to)?

yillabean said...

delfi: the boring food is my number one problem. by making a year and a half more commitment to Argentina i'm going to try very very hard to make an effort to learn how to cook and learn how to shop or where to shop. wish me luck.

donigan: it's ok that summer is hiding for a bit. i was in an office all day, so i couldnt' have enjoyed it anyway....hahaha, see... i see the excessive drinking your fault since my glass was always full and you were always pouring...yes i will make you eat your dinner before leaving the table if you wish.

jenna: umph, i couldn't get my gas stove to light last night so i had to alter my meal. i lit the thing, then had to hold the gas button on until the elements warmed up, but last night i couldnt' get it to stay hiss

instant mashed tatter because 1. i never tried to make the real ones and 2. i think i need a mixer to make them, no?

Anonymous said...

Yilly, I want to try either Moshimoshi or Ceviche on Costa Rica in the Hollywood section. I'll call your cell tomorrow sometime and work things out.

krebiz said...

You don't need a mixer! The pioneers ate mashed potatoes; you just need a potato masher. Then again, maybe that's difficult to find in BA. Want me to mail you one?

International said...

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yillabean said...

i just googled what a potato masher looks like. i'm going to keep my eye out for one now. if i can't find one around these parts i'll let you know. thanks in advance for the offer!