Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what is in my cards?

back to teaching...

I resumed classes yesterday; Monday. Some students are still on vacation though, but I picked up one new private student for this week.

Monday was a sparse day. I just taught 4 students. One discussion I had with a student was about Communism. I found it to be an interesting topic since, I believe, in the U.S. we are force-fed that Communism is bad. My student told me that he is a Communist. Honestly...I've never met anyone who believes this, or admitted to this. Why did I want to yell Commi! (kidding kidding) (where I know there are many people in the world that believe in Communism, it's just I've never met one in my sheltered life). Instead of thinking what I've been told "Communism is bad", I thought "How interesting. Why does he think this?" It was an good conversation.

After teaching I made the dreaded dentist appointment for this week. eek! Even though I visited the office and met with the dentist I'm still scared. Will they numb me like in the states or do they have another method? Am I going to be in pain? What if something goes wrong...it's not like I can sue? or can I? Probably not. The right to sue like a happy American probably flew out the window once I boarded the plane.

I still haven't found a roommate. My current roommate leaves tomorrow. I also haven't heard anything about the new "possible" employment. I'm not nervous about these two things though. I know it will all somehow come together. It seems like the motto for the last couple of years has been to not fear the unknown because the unknown carries with it the possibility of success. And I believe this.

money spent
31 pesos at the supermarket

10 pesos for coffee and medialunas

1.20 pesos for the bus
1.10 pesos for the subte
3.25 pesos for 3 medialunas
1.10 pesos for the subte
1.10 pesos for the subte
1.20 pesos for the bus
6 pesos for a small chocolate bar

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krebiz said...

My understanding of root canals is that the pain rapidly disappears after the procedure- the offending nerves are taken away, ergo, no potential for pain.

I'm sure you'll be numbed up. Surely, BA dentistry isn't in the dark ages.