Thursday, August 20, 2009

work clothes

on tuesday i had an internal argument with myself about shopping.
side one: i need clothing for my new job. side two: you should wait until you earn money. side one: but then i won't have the time to shop for clothes. side two: you should go shopping.

so, i headed out to zara (sort of like express at home) to buy a couple basics.

2 pair of pants - 119 pesos each ($31)
2 casual shirts - 89 pesos each ($23)
2 cardigans - 99 pesos each ($26)

the pants are a little too long and the shirts could be a little tighter at the top (the size smaller was too small). so this morning i took my things to the seamstress near my apartment.

also, my coat needs a button sewn back on and the pocket has a hole in it.
my favorite pair of jeans are now too big, so i'm getting them taken in a bit.
2 pairs of pants hemmed.
2 tops taken in a bit.
109 pesos ($29)


krebiz said...

Zara is a cool store- Spanish in origin. C studied the business model too since it was apparently quite innovative.

Do you like what you got?

Delfi said...

hello yillabean!!

I have to say.. i have followed your blog since i found it in june sometime. i ended up here by chance when i was wandering around on an internet site about buenos aires living/tourism, etc.

i read all your posts from the day you landed in buenos aires and i automatically got attached to reading your blog everyday.

i am myself from buenos aires but moved about 6 years ago and whatever brings me back to my place i go after it... this blog of yours has really cheered me up about my homecity!!

you have said some wonderful things about it and the pictures you take are really nice.

i just wanted to tell you that you have some secret blog follower! hahaha.

keep on the good work and i wish you the best of luck in the dirty city of b.a!

yillabean said...

jenna, ahhh, zara is such a relief here. i know what they have and i like it, so i went for it. yup, i like what i got, just some basic things that i know i'll use a lot. go spanish zara!

delfi, what a nice comment! thank you thank you thank you. i'm so glad you enjoy my blog and following my adventure here in buenos aires.

by dirty, do you mean the dog poo on the sidewalks? i try to remember what my argentine friend told me "if i step in it, put my hand in my pocket and it's good luck". (i don't believe it though)