Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where it begins

Where it began... Well, truthfully I don't know where my desire to leave it all all began. What I do know is that my journey to Buenos Aires is beginning to take flight. Buenos Aires, BA as so commonly called by my soon to be fellow expats, has been an obsession of mine in the last couple of months. I can't stop reading blogs, websites, travel logs and I find myself searching for hostels , roommates and most importantly a job. I haven't intently looked for a roommate, hostel or job, but I want to get a sense of what is out there when that time comes.

My first step on the journey: On Friday August 8th, I signed up for classes to obtain a certification to teach English. I need to say thank you to Danielle who promised to yell at me if I didn't sign up for the classes by the time of her shower. Gracias Dulce Danielle. The classes consist of 3 Saturdays and 3 Sundays from 9am to 6pm in September. How can I teach English when I don't know Spanish? Most of my students will be business people with intermediate English who wish to improve their skills.

Starting to walk... away:
I have the hopes of leaving in November / December. In October I need to be in D.C for Danielle's wedding. I also would like / need to give a month notice to my landlord and employer.
I may stumble, but I will get up! You see, November is the start of Spring in BA. Not too many people begin their English classes then. The need for English teachers is from March to November.

Planning my big jump:
First I'll obtain the necessary / desired certification to teach English as a second language. The organization that will provide me with classes to teach English will also provide job placement. However, I'm a little skeptical about their interpretation of "job placement". Will they really get me a job or will they give me a list of employers and a hardy "go get 'em girl". Once I obtain employment, I'll give my 1 month notice on apartment and job and then begin to purge my belongings.

Stratigizing on how to land. The plan: on two feet
I plan on getting a private room in a hostel for one week. (roughly $35-$50 a night for a private room). During that week I'll look for potential places to call "mi casa" and a roommate I'll that I can hopefully call "amiga". I would like for my roommate to be 1. female and 2. have the ability to speak only Spanish to me ( I want to immures myself). Ok, so compatibility and cleanliness are important too.

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