Friday, August 29, 2008

My first student

Last night I met my first student. I'll be teaching English once a week to gain some experience. My student is a young Korean woman, named Sun.

Lilly, the coordinator for the YMCA, had previously told me that Sun wanted to work on situations she may encounter, like speaking with a doctor, talking on the phone and shopping.

Sun has been in the U.S. for 6 months. She's been married to an American for 2 years. Her English is very good. Last night we just got to know each other. I asked her some questions to try and get more of an understanding of what she would like to learn or improve upon.

She told me she wanted to work on grammar. She also said she wanted me to give her homework (just like me. I like to know what to study, then practice new words out loud). I gave her a book with health related words and asked her to study them. Next time we meet, we'll have a conversation about health care. For my homework, I'll be looking over a basic English book so that we can work on grammar too.

From speaking with her, I believe she is like me when it comes to my Spanish skills. I can make sentences, but I have a much more difficult time comprehending. So, I suggested that we also speak on the phone once a week.

I'm looking forward to my new role as teacher.

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