Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Working Visa: outlook not so good

So, I may not be able to obtain a working visa to teach English in Argentina. As I read through blogs it appears that teaching English is a black market style job. A little bit more of a risk than I planned for.

No interview no job. Oxford Seminars, who I get my teaching certification through, told me Argentinian language schools don't provide employment contracts without a face to face interview. Generally and legally, you should obtain working visas before leaving your home country.

Solution: A 90 day tourist visa? As I continue to read on, I read that Argentina is lax on 90 day tourist visas. You can either stand in a long line for a renewal or leave the country for a couple hours for a new 90 day visa. Maybe in the end of February I'll be taking a day trip to Uruguay?
"If you decide to teach ESL and live in Argentina long term, it is very unlikely you will be getting a work visa. Language institutes will not give out contracts to ESL teachers, which means working illegally or 'en negro'. The tourist visa, which is a stamp immigrations officials put in your passaport, is valid for 90 days. If you stay in Argentina longer than three months, it must be renewed." by Sabine - About the Tourist Visa and Border Runs. TEFL in Argentina Blog

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