Saturday, June 27, 2009

i heart Peru & mis amigas

last night after teaching i met some friends out for a sort of gallery hop. on the way to meet up with them i chatted up the taxi driver. some days i'm 'on' with my spanish and other days i feel like i'm trying to speak with marbles in my mouth. last night was luckily an 'on' day. i understood everything the taxista said...i bet he was speaking slower to me though? nevertheless i love to feel some sense of progress on the spanish front since i generally feel more disappointed than accomplished.

well, we didn't do much gallery hopping, well i didn't anyway. we went into a swanky hotel to use the bathroom and decided just to hang out in the super luxurious lobby and chat. we must have spent more than an hour there. it was quite nice.

afterward we hopped in a cab to go to dinner. we ate at a peruvian restaurant in the centro. i think i've found my new cuisine of choice. it was my 2nd time having peruvian food and i'm hooked. (and this week i'll have it for a third time (*big smiles*).)

we finished up dinner around 1:30am. it feels strange to write this, but it felt so normal leaving the restaurant at this time. i can't imagine this happening in the states?

after dinner i went with my friends to a party. i didn't know where we were going or whose party it was. it feels really nice to be able to trust the people i'm with. i feel that doesn't happen too often in life.

the party was fun & i was home in bed by 4am.

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