Tuesday, June 30, 2009

'on' day

'on' days and 'off' days.

as for my language progression, yesterday felt amazing. when i read the newspaper, i could really read. typically i just read the headline and the first paragraph, but today i was able to read a full article; i still used my dictionary, but i didn't use it for every word this time around.

while i was waiting for a student, another student of mine walked past and greeted me in spanish. i said something in spanish back, but i totally messed up. how could i read so well that day, but not speak a simple sentence?

i read more of the newspaper when i arrived at my second to last student of the day. when i entered his office he was on the phone with his son. so i sat down and continued reading (and understanding) i was also to understand his conversation with his son too.

it feels like some days spanish is in my head and there are no walls up that block it from coming through. other days i get so mad and frustrated because i know it's in there. i know that i must have read a word 3-4 times and i still don't know what it means. is it really in there, but i'm just setting up blockades?

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