Sunday, June 14, 2009

long way down

i've written before about some of the dangers in b.a.. here is another...

my elevator door doesn't always lock. yesterday when i stepped out of my apartment i pushed the button to call the elevator. i didn't hear it move so i thought it was already on my floor, so i opened the door. (see photo above)

if the elevator isn't on my floor, the door should not be able to open; today it did. it's the 3rd time it happened and it's a real hazard since i'm on one of the top floors.

i warned my roommate yesterday. she tried to tell me that it locks and i tried to tell her 'not all the time'. ojo chica (watch out girl)


Nancy said...

eek! scary!

krebiz said...

zomg. my heart is pounding just looking at that picture. i practically need a xanax just to use my pressure cooker; i don't know that i could handle that elevator.

yillabean said...

sheesh. i agree!

i think my heart stopped the first time it happened because i did almost step-in!

i'm ok now because i know about it, but it makes me nervous that other people (e.g. guests or roommate) will not be so aware.

i could be american and put a warning notice on the door :-)