Wednesday, June 17, 2009

standing in traffic

my first student this morning was at 8:30am. it takes me 45 min to travel there by bus or subway during the morning rush hour. i prefer the bus (i always get a seat and it brings me closer). my first student of the day is so studious. he reads the articles i give him, looks up the words he doesn't know and is very polite.

the next student of the day is not so studious. he has a case of the attention deficit disorder, doesn't do his homework, doesn't take notes or seem interested in the notes i take for him and what i dislike most is when i ask him if he knows a word or phrase and he says yes, but he really doesn't. i ask generally ask him what a word means and then i tell him what it really means. he jokes with me, so we always have fun, but i don't think he's learning a thing.

my next two students canceled on me. i couldn't find the third to ask if he could meet earlier so i canceled the class. i don't like to cancel the class, but i did a quick cost/benefit analysis and decided if i waited for him for 2 hours i would wait in a cafe and likely buy food that cost the same or more as my hourly pay.

so, i went home and napped (*big smile*). i also made some lunch and then headed back out around 3:30pm for my private group students.

the subte and then train to the class was no problem. i taught for 1 hour and then headed back to the train station. there was a train already at the station so i ran to catch it. i was not even 4 feet away as the doors closed. i didn't think it was a big deal...but it turned out to be one.

i stood on the platform for 1 and a half hours!

by the time i realized there was a problem, it was too late for me to go find a bus. i'm not familiar with the neighborhood, so i didn't think it was a good idea for me to roam around. so wait i did.

by the time the train came the platform was packed with people. luckily the doors of the train car opened in front of me. i didn't even have to push my way on, the people behind me made sure i was going to get on.

i don't know which is worst. sitting in traffic or standing on a platform waiting for a train.

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krebiz said...

they both have their disadvantages. most times, i'd rather be stuck waiting for a train (i nearly always have a book with me, at least i can read) however, there have been days where i've waited over an hour for my train outside when it's 20 degrees, or pouring, and a car has some advantages over that.