Tuesday, June 2, 2009

new roomie

this morning, at 7:20am, my computer temperature gauge told me it was 37 degrees outside and that it would warm up to a pitiful 52 degrees. brrr.

when i left the apartment 10 min later it was still a little dark. the porteros (doormen) were out watering their sidewalks. ok ok they were cleaning off their sidewalks with a running hose, but it looks like they're watering them. i imagine they're cleaning off the dog poo and what was left behind from the cartoneros (garbage pickers) the night before.

my student at 8am is always enjoyable to meet with. after her, it's a mad dash to get to my next student. traffic is always crazy at that time and buses are always full. so after rushing to her work, she wasn't there. so, i turned around and walked all the way back to the bus stop, waited again in rush hour traffic and caught a bus home (45 min it took when i should have taken 20min)

my spanish lesson at 11am was fun today. my teacher brought all these flashcards, but my ability to speak doesn't feel like it's improving.

after lessons i met with a prospective roommate; now that the apartment is finished being painted. she was so nice. she's also from the states, but she'll just be staying for two months. she said she'd like to move in this week, she just has to talk to the owner of the apartment where she is staying now. i'm excited to have some company.

after meeting with her i hopped on another bus to head to the same area of the city where the student who stood me up this morning is. i met with more 2 students and hopped on the same bus coming back home.

tonight i'll go out with an argentine friend of mine who always 'makes' me speak spanish. i'm looking forward to it.

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