Sunday, June 7, 2009

new roomie

Saturday June 6th 2009
Saturday night I went to my Spanish teacher's apartment for dinner. I was there for 3 and a half hours and we spoke Spanish the whole time. Towards the end, I could feel myself getting tired and grammatically lazy. At times I could notice her looks of confusion, trying to figure out what I was saying, but overall it went really well. I switched to English at points thinking she'd want to speak English, but she always answered in Spanish. On the way home, in the taxi, I felt myself thinking in Spanish; it was a first for me.

Money spent: Saturday
17 pesos for 2 cups of coffee and 3 medialunas
10 pesos for a bottle of wine at the Chinese grocery store
15 pesos for a weeks worth of laundry; washed, dried and folded
1.20 bus to dinner
12 pesos for a cab back
$15 usd

Sunday June 7th, 2009
When I got home on Saturday night ; around 12:45am the girls downstairs IM'd me. They asked me to go out dancing, but I just crawled in bed so I said no. Their next IM asked me to come down for ice cream. I didn't even respond or put shoes on, I just jumped in the elevator and walked right into their apartment. They were laughing at how quickly I got there at the offer of ice cream. The 3 of us lay on her bed eating ice cream talking and laughing. I didn't return to my apartment until 2:30am. These are the moments I love.

Sunday morning I slept in and it felt so nice. As soon as I got out of bed, I got ready to go meet some friends for a birthday brunch. It was just the 4 of us. I prefer small groups to big groups, so I really enjoyed myself talking with the girls. For dessert we each got a.....*prepare yourself*.....dulce de leche empanada. it came as a strong recommendation so I agreed, but I can admit I didn't think it would be very

After brunch I met my new roommate at my apartment. She brought her bags up and then we went out for coffee at my favorite cafe. After coffee we went to the grocery store and then she unpacked while I read articles for homework for my students. I also baked some Dunkin Hines Brownies!!! and now the apartment smells amazing. Around 9pm we cooked dinner together. I'm really happy she moved in. It's nice to have someone here. It was a really good day.

Money spent: Sunday
26 pesos for brunch (coke, sandwich, dessert, tip)
12 pesos for birthday flowers
2.40 pesos round trip bus
10 pesos coffee and 3 medialunas
52 pesos food at the grocery
$28 usd

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