Tuesday, December 22, 2009

random argie things

just wanted to write about some random argentine things that i observed today.

i haven't been in centro in awhile... so, it caught my eye how many young businessmen with nice suits and nice shoes have long hair. whether it's a mullet they're sporting or slicked back long hair or even slicked back in a pony tail, generally speaking most of the young business men have hair that touch their white collars.

i got on a crowded subway today. today was an 84 degree day, so the subway felt like an oven disco. a woman carrying a 5 month old baby squeezed her way on to the car. she didn't seem to mind standing. a man next to her went out of his way to get the attention of someone with a seat to point out that the woman with the baby needed the seat. she thanked him and sat down. how nice was that?!

fireworks are a summer thing for us in the u.s., and so it is here too. but summertime means christmas time. christmas fireworks it is!
when i used the subway again today. the train was there waiting at the stop, but i was stuck in a line waiting to buy a ticket (since i forgot my subway card). the line was really long too. normally there is a police or subway worker guarding the turnstiles so that no one jumps them. today the guy guarding them opened the handicap door and let everyone that was in line on the subway for free. score! i was surprised though that no one but me said thank you.

the catholic people of this city know where all the churches are. on a bus you'll see people do that hand thing that all Catholics know how to do when they see a church. tonight my taxi driver did it 4 times on the way home...then he gave someone the finger for cutting him off.

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