Sunday, December 27, 2009


(photo above: my street; a canopy of sycamore trees)(photo above: in my opinion, the best street in b.a. )
(photo above: my home for the past year)(photo above: my super tiny elevator)
(photo above: my view from my dining room)(photo above: my view from my balcony. i'll miss the family who lives across the way. i call them 'the happy family'. they're always playing with their kids and laughing.)
(photo above: my kitchen; where i learned how to cook)(photo above: my bus stop, where i stood many many times)
(photo above: my favorite bus. The 110.)
(photo above: my subte stop. jeeze, how many times did i walk down these steps...)
(photo above: my veggie place)
(photo above: my 'chino' (mini grocery store owned by chinese people). after one year, they still gave me a strange look when i said "no bag please' )
(photo above: my lavenderia)
(photo above: my ICE CREAM place!!!)
(photo above: my favorite park)(photo above: my favorite statue. she looks like she's thinking "jeeze, where did i leave my clothes last night")
(photo above: my bench, my last time on my bench with A)(photo above: my view from my cafe. how many times did i look out this window and people watch. to many to count.)(photo above: my favorite last breakfast in b.a.)


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Are you sure you want to leave??? It doesn't sound/look like it...

yillabean said...

i already left. i love b.a., but it was time for me to go.

Nancy said...

Great pix and post! Nice way to wrap it up. Onward!