Thursday, December 24, 2009

ladies of the noche

last night my landlord and his wife took me out to dinner. they are truly wonderful.

we went to a very nice restaurant in san isidro (a very charming suburb of buenos aires near the city limits). we arrived around 10pm. i realized just how much spanish i know because the menu was in italian and i could barely read. i felt frustrated and like a fish out of water, where i now feel very comfortable with a spanish menu. thank god spanish is a little like italian so i could make my way. nevertheless i needed to ask the waiter some questions. i ate fish and we shared a bottle of champagne.

after dinner (1:30am, seriously), on the way home we took a spin through the lake district of buenos aires (a lake in palermo, not the rose garden lake). they wanted to show me where all the 'ladies of the evening' are. i was curious to find out too.

while driving to the area there weren't many cars on the normal streets or the street leading up to the park...but then, holy crap there was a lot of traffic around the lake. it seriously looked like rush hour. there were many trannies in bras and panties with super high heels and super long hair. it was like one of those zoos that you can drive through at six flags. the ladies were coming up to the car and shaking their goods. many looked like men in ladies undies but most looked like bona fide ladies.

my naive side just hopes that most of those cars were just doing a curious drive-by too.


Anonymous said...

Guess this shows the sights I miss for not having a car.

yillabean said...

you could always hop in a taxi? but besides, the time of night that the ladies appear is way past your bedtime.