Thursday, December 24, 2009

photos: asking lujan for safe travels

for the next 3 months i'll be traveling through south america. even though i'm not catholic it can't hurt to ask argentina's saint of safe travels, Lujan, to look over me. i'll be wearing her image on my bracelet and my necklace.

Lujan's image can be found throughout the city of Buenos Aires, you just have to look for her. you can find her in the subway, next to police stations, in parks, in train stations, in most taxis, on buses and places you wouldn't think to look.

i'm going to miss running into her.
Lujan is pronounced: "Lou-hon"
(photo above: lujan appears in an old electrical box in the recoleta neighborhood)
(photo above: pueyrredon subway station line D)
(photo above: tigre train station)

(photo above: next to the cathedral in plaza de mayo in the may time frame)
(photo above: chacarita cemetary. safe travels in the after life)
(photo above: a park in the cabellito neighborhood)
(photo above: police station in the mataderos neighborhood)
(photo above: plaza italia)
(photo above: in the nueve de julio subway station where all the subway lines cross)
(photo above: this is my favorite photo, taken in the las canitas / belgrano neighborhood. many believers stop in front of lujan)

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