Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the city's alive with music

these past few days i've been running into, and taking the time to enjoy music throughout the city.

on friday i was having coffee with a friend in the botanical garden. as we were leaving we noticed people practicing (violins, chelos etc...) so we asked a what was going on. we were told that there was a free concert that night. it was lovely.
sunday i tried to go to a pato game (much like how polo is played), but since BA got the heavy rain showers on saturday, they couldn't use the field, so it was canceled. instead we headed over to the rose garden where there is music every sunday at 5pm.

afterward but later in the evening there was a mariachi band playing next to the rose garden.

tonight, while wasting time in the congresso area and before meeting a friend, i ran into a peruvian (or i think its peruvian) music and dance.

after living in a big city for one year, i can honestly say i love city life. i love that there is always something going on, there are numerous free things to do, there is always something new and i always seem to run into random events. i love city life.

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