Saturday, December 26, 2009

case of the missing bra

ok, now i am stressing, but just about the packing.
as i'm putting all my clothes in to one of three bags i noticed that i couldn't find a sports bra and my favorite jeans. i kept thinking "damn-it where are they!" as i drink more coffee.

then i had coffee this afternoon with my landlord and his wife. they could see i was stressing about having to pack. i told them i was missing some clothes. he suggested i lost my sports bra 'somewhere'. i told him i don't live THAT exciting of a life, beside it's a sports bra.

when my roommate came home i asked her. she said she didn't see it then suggested that it might be at the lavenderia. i asked her to call over and describe it for me, since i didn't want to walk over and i'm too hyper from the coffee and stress to be describing a sports bra in spanish.....sure enough it was there!!!

when i went to pick it up, i asked about my jeans too. i described them and the name brand (which they don't sell here). she looked and came back with my jeans and TWO other items of my clothes!!!!! What the H ?

she told me another worker took them out of the dryer and hung them up because they were still damp, then forgot who they belonged to!!

ok...i have them back...breath...

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