Saturday, December 26, 2009

is it real?

it doesn't feel like it's real, it doesn't feel like i'll be leaving in less than 48 hours. i would think i would be super sad, super sentimental... don't get me wrong, i'm not ready to hightail it out of here either. i had the same sorts of feelings when i left the states and everything turned out well. i have a good feeling about the next 3 months.


Nancy said...

Wow, I can't believe its almost over. I've so enjoyed following your blog and I'm so proud of you that you followed your dreams. Looking forward to hearing about the next adventure!!!

yillabean said...

over? i feel like it's just starting.

when i step foot in the u.s. than my south america adventure will be over, but i feel like i'll still be starting something new in the u.s.

Alan Patrick said...

I know I rarely comment here, but I do read all your posts (and there are few blogs in BA I do that for these days) - I'm going to miss your blogging here, especially the interesting photos.

Best of luck with the next chapter in your life, and thanks for the interesting posts and photos of Buenos Aires.

Take care,


yillabean said...

hi alan,

thank you for your kind comment! i really appreciate it!