Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the evil 29

this past weekend a friend and i went to check out núñez together (a neighborhood in the north of buenos aires). we consulted the guia-t (bus bible) and determined that the 29 was the bus we needed. equipped with coins we boarded bus 29. while en route we followed the map to make sure we knew about where to get off. then the bus made a funny turn...then another strange turn, where was this bus going?

we weren't in núñez any more but instead in another neighborhood in the other direction, so we quickly got off and consulted the guia-t again. ah-ha! there are two bus number 29's but they are both called 29 but they don't go to the same place! guff, i should know this by now that some buses have the same number but go different places.

(whoever you are out there that plans these buses have you ever thought of adding perhaps an A or B to the bus line? or how about just giving it another number, eh?) i determined that the bus we got onto was the evil 29.

(photo above: we came across some graffiti art in Olivos while we were lost)
(photo above: graffiti art in Olivos)
(photo above: art in front of "la escuela guerra naval" that depicts the disappeared. this building is now a memorial for the people who disappeared during the argentine dirty war between 1976-1983. between 9,000 and 30,000 people,depending on the source, had been killed or disappeared.)

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