Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2hrs de espanol

i went to dinner tonight with an argentine friend of mine. we spoke ONLY espanish for 2 hours. sheesh...i didn't know it was possible for me to do that. i'm sure more than half of what i said was grammatically incorrect, but just being able to speak spanish for 2 hours makes me proud that i have the ability.

i also ate food and liked it. it was a good night.


krebiz said...

and you were worried that your spanish conversation skills aren't improving?

kristin and i just swapped emails last night. i don't know if you've recently been in touch with her. her youngest is 6 months old!! 2009 is the speediest year ever. (I'll probably say that about every subsequent year until the day I die. Which makes sense, because the older I get, the smaller a year becomes in terms of incremental time. Until I get really old, and the increments become big again as I travel in a different sort of direction. Towards death. Aren't you glad I showed up here to have a parenthetical discussion on all this stuff that's entirely unrelated to your post?? Of course you are).

try not to fret over that 53F. just remember that if you were here in january, you would've had a long string of 22F days! we had a really chilly winter this year. remember the days of two sweaters, a big coat, a scarf, hat, mittens, tights under pants, and all of that? especially when you walk several miles a day? 53 is balmy, baby! (says the girl enjoying spring and looking forward to summer.)

Nancy said...

that is awesome!!! good for you!