Wednesday, June 24, 2009

american style spinach

American Style: Buy and Eat, because 'that's how we do.' What other way is there?


krebiz said...

actually, i am soooooo in love with my favorite farmers market, it's getting ridiculous. (if you could see my baby red beet greens, you'd be envious!) i am probably in the minority though.
Didja buy the spinach? What's your roomie been cooking for you?

yillabean said...

oh, i agree. farmers market's are the best. i heard about a co-op or trade place here where the farmers sell directly. i should try to find it.

here is a list of some of our latest dishes: chicken and pineapple, tomato soup with goat cheese sandwiches, chicken curry with rice...yum yum yum

krebiz said...

oh, so you don't just have a roomie that cooks, but one that really know how to cook!
lucky you!