Tuesday, June 16, 2009

boyfriend delivery

yesterday my roommate and i spent our day off together. (yesterday was a holiday in argentina (flag day if you're wondering)

in the morning we went grocery shopping. since we bought many things for the week, we asked for delivery. the cashier told me 2 hours, so i thought we had time for some coffee on our way home. we arrived home precisely 2 hours later only to find out they tried to deliver our food 45 min after we left the store. how un-argentine of them to be early.

i had to call the store and explain, in the best spanish i could muster up, what happened.
my attempt failed; they put an english speaker on the phone. (*weep*)

however, 1 hour later our food arrived at our apartment. the portero let the food delivery guy in and sent him up in the elevator (normal). when the delivery guy arrived at my door, i told the him to put the stuff on the table. right away he started with the questions 'do you live here alone?' 'do you have a boyfriend?' 'are you looking for a boyfriend?' 'do you like to dance?'... i played along until he asked for a glass of water. ummm, no.

i just ordered my groceries to be delivered, i didn't order a boyfriend to be delivered.

maybe i was a little cold not to give the guy some water, but i had all my stuff (cell phone, computer, purse ) out in the living room and my roommate was in the other room. besides, there is a kiosko down stairs that has a decent water supply.


krebiz said...

i'm surprised the mercado had an english speaker on the premises.
Doing the phone thing is hard (so i hear). C used to avoid it at all costs in the beginning. Actually, thinking back to the "conversation" (argument) he had with American Express on Sunday, he still has a hard time with the phone, even when he's totally fluent. I felt bad for the rep on the other end, hehe.

I would've been spooked by that guy. Don't feel bad about the water. He should know better. It was an excuse to extend the time in your apartment. A pox on him.

yillabean said...

indeed the phone is a difficult thing to overcome when the language isn't in your favor. i was totally surprised also that an english speaker worked at the supermarket. when he got on the phone, the first thing he said was 'please, speak slowly'.

in the past i've managed to make table reservations over the phone in spanish, but i'm like C, i avoid the phone at all costs.