Wednesday, June 10, 2009

chef roommate

i didn't realize how much i wanted a roommate until mine moved in.

i find myself excited for her to come home. my apartment feels more homey now too. i'm excited to see how her day was and to cook dinner together. thank god she's crafty in the kitchen. when she asked me where stuff goes in there i told her it's her domain.

tonight on her way home she asked me to meet her at the Chino (chinese grocery store). she just got a bunch of things to throw together, which i must say was fabulous. she asked me what i did before she moved in and i really didn't have an answer for her.

money spent today
1.10 pesos colectivo to work
3.25 pesos for 3 medialunas

58 pesos for lunch

--18 for 12 pieces of sushi

--10 pepsi
--5 table service (cubierto)
--15 brownie with ice cream splurg

--10 hot tea
1.10 subte to teach
1.10 than a colectivo to teach
0.80 train home
1.10 subte home

*lunch was not a normal thing, but i'm glad i treated myself today.


krebiz said...

Ah Yilly, I'm surprised to read this, really. Not that you're happy to have a roomie, that doesn't surprise me. I'm surprised that you weren't self sufficient in all ways within like 72 hours of your feet hitting the BA soil, because that's just how you are. If I ever started a mega-million dollar company, I'd probably keep you as my secret, right-hand (wo)man. No title, or anything like that, just perks and a hefty salary to keep you locked away, running the company.

You're just so healthy and pulled together and organized, and here I find you haven't been cooking meals! I thought if anyone could get up to speed being crafty in the kitchen, it would be you!

yillabean said...

aww, thank you for the nice compliments. i'm self sufficient in many ways but not in the kitchen and especially if i don't have the encouragement.

it's just so boring to cook alone and then to eat alone so i would just bypass the whole eating at night thing.

at home i loved the prepared meals at whole foods and trader joes, so i always ate really well, but those things don't exist here. fooy.

thank god for the cooker roommate.

(many of my students say cooker instead of chef. typically the words where a person preforms the action has the 'er' on the end (i.e. skier, driver, singer...) cooker. so cute, right?