Saturday, June 6, 2009

grabby hands

thursday night i went to a club with the girls from my building. the club is near our apartments, so it's convenient to walk over. it was the usual argentine club experience; deep long uncomfortable stares from men when we walk in the door, then they start to circle like vultures and then they start their grabbing ritual. last night was no different. their behavior, that use to piss me off, now feels normal and part of the fun of going out. one guy last night renewed my faith in argentine men. he came up to dance with me, he wasn't grabby and after the song was over he went back to his friends.

last night moira reminded me of when we went to the beach, in the u.s., last summer. she reminded me of when we went to the clubs, how i yelled at guys for touching me as i walked past them in a crowd. back then i thought that behavior was out of place and disrespectful and i had no problem telling them that. i have to laugh at myself now, because of the crap from guys that i now put up with. how did i let my standards of appropriate behavior flush down the toilet so quickly? those innocent u.s. types of moves now seem so harmless compared to the grabby hands of argentines.

money spent:
free club entrance
25 pesos for a tall baily's frozen drink ($6.75)


krebiz said...

If you start feeling lonely while you're here, like you don't get enough attention from guys in the US, I know of a couple of places where the guys are truly pigs and I've had all things squeezed and prodded and kneaded. I'll take you there to get your fix, haha. Cos that's what friends are for. :)

yillabean said...

LOL! Oh my god that made me laugh!!! Love the the comment!

Diego said...

By comparison to American men, Argentine men are indeed much more forward when it comes to making moves on a woman. But that's what Argentine women like. If they were respectful like in the US, the women here would think they are too tame or stupid, with the end result being they wouldn't give them the time of day. So, behaving like jerks is the only way to go, if they want to get a woman's attention.
You're right in what you say that Argentine men are different from men in the US. Nonetheless, you also have to consider that Argentine women are nothing like their American counterparts, either. They are very complicated and sexually repressed. Where do you think their 'histerica' reputation comes from?
Perhaps American men are not that aggresive when hitting on women because they don't need to. American women are more loose sexually so they don't have to work that hard to seduce them. They have it much easier than Argentine guys. You gotta see both sides of the coin you know.

Please read the links above. They provide a very good insight on Argentine women from the eyes of an American guy who visited Argentina and tried to hit on them. Please read this and tell me what you think. Maybe the men here have a reason for being the way they are.