Monday, June 1, 2009

heaven's deli

this morning started early and cold (scarf and winter coat weather. i think this morning was around 47 degrees and by mid-day it was 53 and cloudy).

before getting on the bus this morning, at 7:45am, i grabbed some medialunas for the ride. my first student is through the institute and his co-worker, who i teach after him, is a private student of mine. since my private student isn't a manager or director, his company doesn't pay for his classes, instead they give him a monthly stipend. he's my most convenient private student (no travel); i teach him right after the first student of the day, at the same office.

i had three more students shortly after, all at another company, but one canceled last min.

around 4 i met up with a friend. we headed over to 'mark's deli' (on el salvador and armenia), but i think it should be called 'heaven's deli'. i ate food and really...really liked it. my sandwich was of average size, toasted roll with goat cheese, spinach and toasted apples. even if i had expectations it would have met or exceeded them. i can't wait to go back. i'm happy about food again. hip hip hooray! (p.s. my stomach pains are gone too. big smiles from me.)


Conor said...

Just out of curiosity how much are the salads in Marks these days?

yillabean said...

sorry, i don't remember looking.

Conor said...

I was going to use Marks Deli as a gauge of inflation in BA since I left last time. I used to live beside it for about 3 months. Oh well I can guess from Ugis the unofficial barometer